3D Metal Printing

Laser bed  fusion  metal printers  currently account for more than 70% metal printers sold and are prohibitively expensive for small and even medium size companies. On the other end of the spectrum is Bound metal AM technology that is at least 10 times cheaper. This technology comprised metal binder jetting (MBJ), and bound metal deposition (BMD)  which are the newest metal printing technologies that have gained considerable investor and end-user interest. BMD is an extrusion-based metal additive manufacturing AM process where metal components are constructed by extrusion of a powder-filled thermoplastic media. The value of the bound metal AM materials market is forecasted at $350M in 2023.  Bound metal AM technology is expected  to outpace overall metal AM technology market growth which  is expected to continue to grow annually at a rate of nearly 20% through 2029, BMD and MBJ will grow at rates of 31% and 34% reaching value of $1.8B just in 6 years.

Our Technology
We developed a process to print  bound metal materials on inexpensive FDM printers. Our economic  process enables very homogeneous distribution of metal powder in polymer that allows to sinter parts with low level of defects.